• Teams will be playing a Round Robin, with the finals being the top 2 teams in the log.
• Games will consist of 4 x 5 minute Chukkas (running time).
• 30 second rule will apply (running 30).
• All games will have Neutral Referees.
• Referees shall be in absolute control of ALL games.
• There will be NO timeouts during the tournament, except for the final (2 timeouts).
• No direct shot on goal after the foul will be permitted from anywhere in the pool.
• Teams may use the side pool. NO balls may be used in the warm up pool. Coaches please enforce this during warm up.
• In the event of a tie at the end of a game for which a result is needed, the result will be determined via a Penalty Shoot Out (3 penalties each).
• Final will be 4 x 5 minute (running time).
• Teams may have a maximum of 12 players in their team.

• Pool game standings will be determined by:
o Total Points
o Goal Difference
o Head to Head
o Goals for
o Goals against

• Points:
o Win – 2 points
o Draw – 1 point
o Loss – 0 points

• ALL disciplinary action will be dealt with by the disciplinary committee.
• ALL other FINA Rules apply.
• Please note – In the event of bad weather, we reserve the right to postpone, shorten and / or cancel fixtures.